Email Marketing Case Study: How I Generated $40,000 In Sales Without Annoying My Subscribers

Email Marketing Case Study

Frankie was nervous that she would be facing a huge learning curve ahead of the pandemic with only a few short weeks to overhaul Grind’s entire email strategy. Frankie Cooke is Grind’s brand coordinator and oversees the company’s email marketing, partnerships, and brand activations. See how Email on Acid has helped MailNinja grow its foothold in the email marketing industry. See how Email on Acid’s automated pre-deployment checklist helped digital agency Aztek triple its email ROI. Learn how Email on Acid’s flexible checklist has helped developers, marketers, and enterprise organizations streamline their email pre-deployment process to improve ROI. Optimize your email deliverability with industry leading tools and support. Using the tools described above can help you improve your open rate and your bottom line as a result.

  • Ensuring email campaigns are flawless, accessible, error free, and optimized.
  • Or you could choose to tailor case studies by industry or company size to the visitor.
  • Each year, Zumba Fitness hosts an Instructor Convention, which instructors at its 200,000 locations are encouraged to attend.
  • There are more than 6,000 “Skimm’bassadors” actively spreading the word about this business.
  • A significant amount of e-commerce stores have caught on to the fact that email marketing can drive around 25% of their revenue – that is, when you have a successful campaign in motion.
  • We do our best to understand the individual needs of each and every one of our clients, aligning these with the visions they have for growing and expanding their operations over time.

Content Marketing – our team creates epic content that will get shared, get links, and attract traffic. If you do this, coupled with the other tips from the case studies here, you’ll definitely increase your open rates. Don’t rely on just one and expect to see significant open rates. You should continually split test all components of your email campaigns. Case study at Content Marketing Institute is a little dated because there are better email marketing tools these days, the concept hasn’t changed. These subject lines have an almost magic-like ability to make people want to open.

Email Marketing Casestudy

In 2013, Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante kicked-off their dream of reinventing the watch industry. Tired of big brand markups, the duo set out to create a direct-to-consumer model built on the premise that style shouldn’t break the bank.

Send a welcome email with an engaging subject line, links, a special offer, the brand’s story, and social media invitations. Even if you’re in a small niche market, you can still break down the needs of customers and target them in your email campaign. Lots of big online companies do this, and two great examples are Clinique and The Gap. A significant amount of e-commerce stores have caught on to the fact that email marketing can drive around 25% of their revenue – that is, when you have a successful campaign in motion. Grind’s products are available as a subscription or one-off purchase via their ecommerce website, within their cafe-bars, and from select stores such as Selfridges, Ocado, and Holland & Barrett. You’ve worked hard to set up an effective, traffic-generating website, you’ve developed an opt-in form to gather email address—so now what? With these systems in place, the next step is to start up an email marketing campaign.

  • Leverage partnerships with big, well known brands in your industry to create extra demand or test product lines.
  • View our Email Marketing success stories for acquisition, remarketing, and retention.
  • So keep checking back to read the current sources of information on email marketing.
  • 8 seconds, you need to grab attention, persuade people to act and provide them with products and services that work.

They crowdsource healthcare funding for people all over the world. To drive recurring revenue, they broke out their monthly donation feature into its own product and launched it separately. You’ve probably already noticed yourself that blog posts promising “secrets” or “tricks” often get a lot of social shares and comments. I know that you have results you can share with your prospects and that many people or businesses have benefited from your services and products. Building an email list because you want to build your business. You should sell, but only when it’s necessary and when you’re confident the product will truly help them.

A case study is the analysis of a particular instance (or “case”) of something to demonstrate quantifiable results as a result of the application of something. In marketing, case studies are used as social proof — to provide buyers with the context to determine whether they’re making a good choice. Most customers know that a little online research could spare them from a bad experience and poor investment of your budget. Receive the latest case studies and data on email, lead gen, and social media along with MarketingSherpa updates and promotions. To build an effective page from scratch, you need to begin with the psychology of your customer.

Increase in Open Rates

In conclusion, Email Marketing Simplified 2015 was a great success at connecting the hosts with almost a 1000 entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and other interested industry affiliates. The switch meant that their marketing department spent less time generating mailer designs, automating much of the process right from day one. Their customers were now able to buy products online and learn more about new releases directly from MAD TASTY, leading to better sales and growing the brand’s popularity over the last two years. They retarget customers who abandoned their online shopping cart with personalized follow up messages in their inbox by using browsing data and email engagement. The follow up email would offer up to six alternative products that the customer might be interested in, based on what’s in their abandoned cart, as well as their demographic information. The traditional approach available to host this event was adopting the physical venue-based strategy. The second option for the host was to take the virtual route.

  • For a coffee subscription business, retaining customers is key to Grind’s success and the team’s growth so far.
  • To drive recurring revenue, they broke out their monthly donation feature into its own product and launched it separately.
  • Maniology thrives on being creative when they’re thinking about making their next beauty product.
  • Instead of vehicle offers, we sent them an email literally saying that “We Miss You” and included a special Buy 3 Tires, Get 1 Free offer.
  • The beauty of text messaging is that you can reach out to hundreds or thousands of people immediately, depending on the size of your list.
  • With the message no longer being restricted to a room full of people, the echoes of the right email marketing strategy impact, necessity, and benefits were delivered to the right audience at an impressive scale.
  • Open rate was in the 15 – 20% range, which were consistent with industry benchmarks for the education sector.

“Without our email list, I’m not sure if we would have survived. My advice to other small businesses powering on through the pandemic would be to do whatever you can to keep growing your list,” Hirschfeld said. Here’s how they did it, and how email marketing paved the way.

Day 2, Email 2: Seasonal promotion

Inside, you’ll learn about using list segmentation as well as advice on measuring and optimizing your email delivery performance. Popular brands discussed include SalesForce, Xerox, Noodles Company, and more. Below, you’ll find a list of the top 21 email marketing case studies along with the results and key findings from each example.

Many photographers live in a specific camera ecosystem so it was critical to speak to them directly through their interests,” Levy said. And once you have solidified that objective, spark your next great email marketing idea by reading these quick case studies to discover how your peers have improved their email performance. Another case study to take note of showcases the strength of carefully choosing the right provider for email marketing. Santa Cruz Naturals — a business in the cannabis eCommerce space — was desperate to generate more public interest when they first came to us for help. Instead of the traditional email marketing tactics that Dell uses, they decided to create a gif of the product that would compliment their creative tagline, “Go from dreaming to doing in a flip“.

There’s a lot in this email that’s visually different from anything we’ve seen so far. But one thing we have definitely seen before is the emphasis on the word “transformation”, which seems to be a central concept in Birchbox’s vocabulary. There’s not much copy to discuss here—just the simple and straightforward “Two Birchboxes for $10”, the code and the button.

There’s a lot of advice out there, but not enough actionable email marketing case studies you can imitate for your own results. I hope you enjoyed this list of the best email marketing case studies that are based on real-world results and not just theory.

When it comes to segmentation, dividing your lists intoactive andinactive is really just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. With any kind of case study, you have to look at more than just one example to reinforce your proposed strategy. So to that end we also executed the same campaigns as we did above – sending two separate email campaigns to active and inactive customers — for River View Ford, Sterling Acura of Austin, and Patty Peck Honda. The second among the most effective email marketing tips is to master the preheader text. That’s the piece of writing that additionally informs recipients about the content of your email. Just by using a preheader, open rates increase by 30%, while the optimized version can boost open rates by 45%.

You can read additional testimonials from the Revulytics team on the HubSpot Partner Directory. Out of all of their new customers in 2019, 86% of them engaged with an email prior to becoming a customer.

Best email validator: free services

This removed the need to allocate budgets to physical venue and set up expenses, instead allowing more focused spending to ensure the ROI was worth every dollar spent. These three case studies have showcased the effectiveness of email marketing for eCommerce-focused businesses. If yours is looking to grow its revenue from online sales, it might be a good time to think about making the switch to Sendlane. We love working with all different industries and business sizes, from startups to major brands. We are here to introduce efficient marketing automation into your operations, saving you time and allowing you to redirect company resources wherever else they might be needed. With the message no longer being restricted to a room full of people, the echoes of the right email marketing strategy impact, necessity, and benefits were delivered to the right audience at an impressive scale. Clearly marked tabs for content, service portfolio, and company overviews also made the sharing of information very simple without the staff having to monotonously repeat the details as new clients visited.

The hero image is an action shot that exudes energy and personality, and it does a great job of creating excitement for the free gift. The copy shares more details about the product, underscoring its benefits. You can also use case studies to frame webinars that document how to be successful with X. Using case studies in webinars is great middle-of-the-funnel content and can really help move your leads further down the funnel towards becoming sales qualified leads. Case studies can also be very effective when used in product-specific lead nurture workflows in reactivating opportunities that have gone cold.

Public Records for Email List Segmentation

When Buzzfeed began developing a daily email newsletter, the editors turned to Facebook for feedback. They shared their prototypes (here’s an example) with their own friends. They made each iteration of the newsletter public to ensure they could patch any holes before launch.

Email Marketing Case Study

If you are not the artistic type, then hire an outside contractor with a proven track record and an eye for design who can help you to develop a campaign that catches your customer’s eyes. But by pairing simple and poignant cartoons with a tongue in cheek emoticon and some verysimple copy, Dropbox accomplishes this goal admirably. And if you have a company that is built around your personality then I recommend that you continue your email marketing efforts with a heavy focus on well-written copy.

Platform Features —

This gives me the knowledge to recommend what parts of the video I think are worth focusing on when I send the newsletter. I also learn from the content within the video and how the training is presented, which I can apply to my own launches. The Open Rate on email newsletters means how many people actually Email Marketing Case Study open my email. I know this because my email autoresponder system AWeber can tell me open rates if I send HTML messages. Last month Eben Pagan opened his GURU MasterClass program, which focuses on how to sell information products online. Holiday email marketing is a critical subject for eCommerce businesses.

Email Marketing Case Study

This is particularly true for SMBs that make the transition from wholesale distribution to B2C retail. With the help of our email design and coding services, Vitamedica was able to successfully make this transition, generate significant revenue from email… A mobile accessories company turned to email marketing to engage customers and nurture leads. With a campaign designed to thank customers, the company increased conversions by 252 percent and grew revenue-per-email to 152 percent. By combining email marketing and public records, you can create customized messages based on shared characteristics. For example, you may have one marketing message for middle-aged males in high-powered positions than single young women who are currently in college.

The Most Successful E-mail I Ever Wrote

A GIF-heavy email marketing campaign, Dell lifted their revenue by 109%. Not too shabby for a brand many assumed had no more fight left in it. Members of AWAI taking home millions just to write sales letters and email marketing campaigns.

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Calculate your potential return based on the median ROI of similar-sized companies in your industry that use Klaviyo. Ensuring email campaigns are flawless, accessible, error free, and optimized. The quality and turnaround times from Simon and his team are hard to beat. Creative use of email marketing can put your business on the fast track. A person’s email can actually reveal important things about themselves, which is why an email lookup tool is vital to any company that sends an email.

You are my trusted source of information on website building and web marketing. Well done, as we know that “hard work always pays off”, after a long struggle with sincere effort it’s done.I will follow your footsteps.. Makes life a lot easier seeing as many times we don’t have access to the thank you page. Now, it’s not necessarily a bad email (and it might even get gain 5-10% in revenue). Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered. Founded in 2006 by an independent group of email professionals, the organization is now the email arm of the Association of National Advertisers and claims a…

How Grind develops their email content and brand voice

That growth has been fueled by an intense understanding of their target reader and an community that is eager to help. There are more than 6,000 “Skimm’bassadors” actively spreading the word about this business. Email marketing is isn’t a channel – it’s one layer of a customer-centric company.

They also knew that linking to a YouTube video or some sort of product tour would likely yield a lower conversion rate. Hiring a designer to stylize your email marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be expensive. Against the advice of almost every successful email marketer, Dropbox basically ignores their copy and focuses almost entirely on the design of the cartoon. The biggest takeaway that I have gleaned from Charity Water’s email campaign is that you need to build a strong relationship with your customers through regularly connecting with and updating them. The problem is, most people have no idea what they are doing with regards to email marketing.

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